“As I approached the majestic Wasdale from Irton Fell in September 2009, I never imagined that one day I’d eventually be living here in the Lake District. That day was the start of a special journey, one that has since taken over my life in a very positive and rewarding way. I now hope to inspire others to explore these wonderful fells of Lakeland. Yes, I’ve walked the ‘Rounds’ and ‘Horseshoes’, but there’s much more joy in respecting each fell by discovering its history, ruggedness and beauty, either through my other passion of wild camping, or by just wandering on my own on those quieter midweek days.

My dearest wish is for ‘Lakeland Routes’ to convey my passion for the fells. If this project inspires just one person to purchase their first rucksack and a pair of walking boots, then this part of my journey is complete.”
Richard Jennings
Expedition Leader and Survival Expert

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“I’ve enjoyed the outdoors from a very young age, right from being an uncontrollable toddler; I still remember my bright yellow wellies! Throughout my 30’s I’ve spent most of my spare time travelling from Lancashire to explore the Lake District, and in 2015 I met Richard, who introduced me to wild camping, scrambling and finding the hidden gems of Lakeland.

I now live here, and feel blessed to have the opportunity to choose my days and take advantage of good walking weather. With my camera, a map and a few Bounty bars in my rucksack, I can’t think of a better way to spend a day; it certainly provides more pleasure than staying at home changing nappies!”
Jaclyn Jennings
Food Specialist and Rear Support

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“I’m Emily, the youngest member of this rabble. My ambition is to get my Daddy to carry me around my first 214 Wainwrights! If I enjoy myself, then I’ll start again under my own steam. Trouble is, if he doesn’t get the right type of baby carrier, I’ll be looking at where I’ve been, not where I’m going. Unless I get him to walk backwards?”
Emily Jennings
Junior Wainwrighteer and Low-level Reconnaissance

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“I’m Frankie, the sensible one in the team. I love being out on the fells, even if I spend a lot of time waiting for the humans to catch up with me. My real love is wild camping, and I have my own sleeping bag, and a porter to carry it.”
Frankie Jennings
Expedition Surveyor

R.I.P. Frankie
13th April 2011 – 11th July 2023

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