A very detailed route description of a well known accident black spot, which will now be included in the new ‘Walkers Edition’ of the Wainwright guides.

Clive Hutchby was near to completion of revising book 6 of the Wainwright guides, when he mentioned to me about including the “other” Barf route into the ‘Walkers Edition’ of the North Western Fells. Because I had recently detailed Wainwright’s direct ascent on this website, Clive asked me to compare the two routes with regard to terrain and difficulty. Wainwright stated that his route was: “Not a walk. A very stiff scramble, suitable only for people overflowing with animal strength and vigour”, however, this second route, which doesn’t stray too far from Wainwright’s, is slightly easier, and merits inclusion in the guide.
Within the photo descriptions, the main features of this route are placed in quotations, which have mostly been taken from page: Barf 6 in the North Western Fells guide.


Route 18 – Barf and Beckstones Gill – Map 1