This second summit camp on Pike o’ Stickle includes a popular round that includes three of the Langdale Pikes. While our first camp (Route 5) was a long, and a little unorthodox, walk from Stonethwaite in Borrowdale, this route is a much shorter and direct route to Pike o’ Stickle. On this website we will include six of our favourite Wainwright fells to camp on, which are: High Stile, Scafell, Pillar, Great End, Grasmoor, and Pike o’ Stickle. All have their own special qualities, but it’s High Stile and Pike o’ Stickle that provide the most rewards.

Please note that the wild camping ‘code of conduct’ should be followed at all times. This, a short but common sense list, includes: arrive late, no groups or fires, leave early and leave no trace. Sadly in recent years, common sense wasn’t part of the ‘check list’ for many, and even though wild camping is “tolerated” in England, there will soon be a total ban because of the way some individuals are treating our countryside.

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